J.A.M – Jump and Move! KPOP, Dance Fitness!


Every Weds, Thurs and Sat (attend any day)


Jumprrocks @ Kinnex


1 hr Play + 1 hr Class. Wed, Thur (6-8pm), Sat (7-9pm) Choose a day!


SGD20 (promotional period only) Join in anyday!


J.A.M – JUMP and MOVE!  Dance Onstage and Jumpprrocks presents JUMP AND MOVE- J.A.M! Jumprrock’s first open class in Singapore! J.A.M introduces KPOP, Dance Fitness and JUMP in an inflatable park all rolled into one! Learn cool K-POP dance move or groove your way to fitness in J.A.M!

KPOP and Dance Fitness classes are offered in many places but non quite like Jumpprrocks, on an inflatable surface! The bouncy arena offers that experience like no other as you dance and move on top of it! Join your first class and get a sense of J.A.M today!

Get Fit, Learn Dance and have loads of fun!





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