Seriously Fun Fitness Games!


Every Sunday


Jumprrocks @ Kinnex


3pm, 4pm or 5pm (attend when you book these timeslots)


FREE! How to attend: Click on "Register Now" and buy a regular ticket for Sunday timeslots, 3pm, 4pm OR 5pm and you can join the session for free!


Session consits of 30 minutes play and 20 minutes of games!

A fitness session specially catered for your children to exercise, learn and play! Seriously Fun Fitness @ Jumprrocks is the first of its kind program in Singapore where children get together to do creative fitness routines, games and socialise in the compound of our inflatable park!

Exercising is not a chore and that’s the reason why it we want to keep it fun! So that children can find joy and stick to it.
What better ways to encourage your little ones to keep fit at a young age through PLAY!

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